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Take Care of your parents needs


Whatever be their needs, be sure that they will be taken care o.

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

The EvrCare Lite Membership

Enrol your family for the EvrCare Lite Program.


Once enrolled, you get access to a 24X7 customer care through which you can avail all our services throughout the year at discounted rates.

membership valid for an year

Weekly Check-in Calls

All services at discounted rate

24X7 availability

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to helpline where both children and parents can order

Yoga at Home

Health & Wellness

  • Doctor Tele-Consultation

  • Home Health Checkup

  • Personal Nutritionists

  • Nursing & Caregiving, home

  • Physiotherapy at home

  • Online Yoga, Zumba & other fitness exercises by trainers at Home

Delivery Bag


  • Assisted travel to hospital & banks

  • Tech Assistance

  • Bill Payments

  • Home Delivery ( Groceries or medicines)

  • Helpers at Home for supervision of electrician, plumbers, etc.

  • Legal advice ( Property Management, Last Will, Power of Attorney, etc)

Insurance Agent


  • Mental Wellness Counselling

  • Chat Buddies at Home

  • Interest Focused activities

  • Community Gatherings

Hospital Corridor

Emergency Services

  • Local point of contact to coordinate on family's behalf in case of medical emergencies

  • Ambulance services

  • Hospital documentation

Floral Mask

Covid-19 related

  • Covid-19 Tests at Home

  • Home Isolation Program for asymptomatic patients

Happy Farmer


EvrCare Membership Plan is available for Rs. 2,999/year