Indians working in a different country have their parents back in India who have no one to look after them

The EvrCare International Employees Program  is a comprehensive program for all your Indian Employees working in a different country, through which they can be updated of their parents' health and take control of all their needs sitting anywhere in the world.

Subscription plan for your Indian Employees that covers all their parents' needs

Hotline Consultant

Weekly Check-in Calls

Weekly calls to your parents will assess if there are any assistance or health related concerns

Doctor's Appointment

Monthly Doctor TeleConsultation

A monthly call with our doctors will keep a tab on their health, any existing comorbidities or any new discomforts. All calls are summarised and shared with you

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Periodic Health Checkups 

Home Health checkups of your parents done on a regular basis, the reports of which will be shared with you. Other services like specimen collection, hospital visits, etc. can be arranged as well.

Delivery Bag

Assistance Services

You or your parents can call our helpline for any kind of assistance - be it travel Assistance, Home deliveries, home repairs or tech assistance.

Bills and Coins

Bill Payments

Any kind of Bill payments that your parents are doing can be managed by our team

Insurance Agent

Legal & Financial Assistance

One free consultancy per month with our team of advisors regarding any legal or financial concerns. You also get access to legal and financial services like property documentation, power of attorney, will.

Floral Mask

Covid-19 related

  • Covid-19 Tests at Home

  • Home Isolation Program for asymptomatic patients

Hospital Corridor

Emergency Services

  • Local point of contact to coordinate on family's behalf

  • Ambulance services

  • Hospital documentation

Availing Options

Help your Employees take care of their parents back in india

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